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If you would like to change your life and the way you think about finances, you have to understand that there are no magical solutions. As with everything else in life, it is hard work and dedication that counts and they are your tools with which you can find your way. Of course, as with all difficult tasks, it is important to have help along the way. Don’t think that you can do it alone, be open for all the ideas. Here you can count ideas that will be provided by us, or other sites that you can find on Internet. There are also great books covering the topic, magazines, documentaries. But also, it is very important that you talk to your family and friends about the money and if you are in financial troubles make sure that they know it. It’s very difficult to be alone, and therefore seek help and involve as many people as you feel comfortable with.
In our society we don’t like to talk about money, and there is an inherent shame that we feel sharing our financial troubles with people that we are otherwise very close to. Try to change this and you will find that it works, it is much easier to sail through the difficult times if you have a shoulder you can cry on. And also, talking about money with other people you will discover that wisdom can be found everywhere and maybe you will get the best advice from someone you never expected it from.

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