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What type of spender are you (6)?

Written By: admin on October 20, 2009 No Comment

Alice in Wonderland


You are so confused with money. You never know what to buy, what not to buy, how to save. Money is just a big wonderland for you. You find yourself bombarded with discounts, savings and other money matters and it is so hard to decide how to handle money matters. Your banker is telling you one thing, your mother another, salesman is telling his story and it is hard to distinguish dream from reality.


Hopefully you have a strong figure in your life that can lead you through the confusing world of finances, and if you are Internet savvy you can find good advice on Internet.


You might be too gullible and dishonest salesmen might take advantage of you.


Don’t trust everybody, not everybody is as nice as they seem and not everybody wants all the best for you. Learn to see discounts and interests for what they really are and you will be just fine.

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