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What type of spender are you (5)?

Written By: admin on October 19, 2009 No Comment

Peter Pan


You are so cool, you love everything out of the ordinary. Ordinary life is just not for you. Idealism is at the core of your belief system and you think that money is completely unimportant. Whenever you can you avoid a modern medicine. When you have a back ache, you visit chiropractor. Most probably you work for a not for profit organization and despise people that work for big corporations. You don’t need material possessions and you are very modest spender. You ride a bike, recycle and you truly believe that you can save the world.


You can always find a way to spend as little money as you can. Since you don’t have need for luxuries or for designer clother it comes easy for you.


When you’re young it all works just fine, but when you get married and start a family you might be in for some troubles. Life is not made of roses and nobody will help you when you will need it. You might not think that it is important to save money, and due to your love for alternative solutions you might spend a fortune on them since they might end up being quite expensive. In the end you might be broke and old, and seeing and old and broke Peter Pan is a really a sad sight.


Find the right measure for you – your can be earth friendly idealist but at the same time have some money for the rainy days. If you look out for your best interests you will be better equipped to look after interests of the entire world.

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