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What type of spender are you (4)?

Written By: admin on October 17, 2009 No Comment

Big Bad Wolf


You think that you are invincible, you jump at every opportunity to make money. No risk is too great for you and it is no stranger to you. You think that saving money is for losers and for those that don’t know how to invest and earn money. You can be deceptive and cruel when you think that you are entitled to something and people might not like you very much. When confronted with choice between making a buck or being nice, you are not very nice to people.


If you take a huge risk at right time and in the right moment of the cycle you can seem like somebody that has almost divine quality to find the right investment.


There is always danger that the hunter will come in the end to save grandma and that you will end up being shot. Too much risk can kill all your investments and lead to a great loss.


Use your brain and don’t make impossible risks. Save some money for the rainy days and don’t risk your existence. Be kind to people, try not to forget that maybe one day you will need them to be nice to you.

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