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What type of spender are you (3)?

Written By: admin on October 16, 2009 One Comment

3. Scrooge type


Money saved is a king, and it must be saved at any price. You sacrifice everything that comes as an obstacle to savings, be it a friend or a family member. You never miss an opportunity to avoid expenses, and in time people start avoiding you because they know that they will always feel used. Regardless of whether you are rich or poor you behave the same and your behavior never changes. If the doctor tells you that you should take expensive vitamin supplements you just ignore it if you have to pay for them. You always use things until they are no longer usable at all.
You think you’re extremely thrifty and frugal but in fact you are cheap and stingy. You save money at the expense of your well being and at the expense of people around you. You prefer sitting at home to going out for one simple reason – it saves you money. You prefer being alone to socializing for one simple reason – it saves you money. You can hardly enjoy anything that you paid for and you can relax only if something is for free.


You have lots of money, and when I say lots most probably it’s really a lot…


You don’t enjoy life as much as you could.


You must start enjoying life. It is important to save but never let it become an obsession and the number one goal. It is important to learn how to enjoy life and get the most out of money that you have. Saving money has to be an activity that will bring you more stability and enable you to live your life without stress and uncertainties, and not the only activity and joy that you have in your life. Don’t make your life miserable just to save a penny. Learn to prioritize and to save smart. Become thrifty and stop being stingy! Learn how to enjoy life and to relax.

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