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What type of spender are you (2)?

Written By: admin on October 15, 2009 One Comment

2. Cinderella type


You come from modest background and as a child you often felt deprived of luxuries that other children seemed to take for granted (by other children we mean Cinderella’s evil step sisters). Your parents loved you but there was someone in your family, maybe even one of your parents (remember evil stepmother?), that you thought was unjust to you, pushed you to work extra hard and denied you presents and lovely things when you wanted them. Now you are all grown up, earning your own money and you have decided that you have to reward yourself for that, and never be denied anything. Your finances are in disarray and when you go on a shopping spree you feel like there are no boundaries for you (almost as if Fairy Grandmother appears out of nowhere) and therefore you usually spend over the limit. When the shopping spree ends and your credit card is denied in several stores, the credit card companies will notice that, and just as Prince found Cinderella’s glass slippers and arrived at her door, your bills will start arriving and haunting you. You will wish that the bank (aka the Prince) will tell you that they will forget your debt and live happily ever after but they won’t, and then your money headaches will get worse every day.


You really know how to enjoy life, and when you go shopping you can relax and think that there is no tomorrow


You are under too much stress when it comes to paying your bills.


Learn to manage your money. Managing money includes knowing how to save it, but sometimes it is even more important to know how to spend it. Start saving and accumulating money, let the money work for you. Spend only money you have, don’t overindulge in spending that you can’t afford. You will be able to afford everything that you want, just be disciplined and let the time and money work for you! Save money for the rainy days.

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    Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

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