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What type of spender are you (1)?

Written By: admin on October 14, 2009 No Comment

We tried to classify people in few spending types and the inspiration was in cartoon and other fictitious character. We will present these types in next few days. Maybe you will find it interesting, maybe you will find it annoying, maybe useful, but we hope it will be fun for you.

1. Santa type

If you are Santa type you most probably live in modest conditions just as Santa Clause himself lives on North Pole. You love to eat, you are good natured and generally just everybody loves you. Maybe one of the reason why everybody loves you lies in the fact that in each and every occasion people know that they can always count on lavish presents that are as thoughtful as they can be, always delivered on time and all you want is a small sign of appreciation (just like people leave glass of milk and a plate of cookies for Santa himself). You get invited to all birthday parties, weddings, christenings, pretty much everywhere where people expect presents. You love animals, very often travel with them and you appreciate if animals are loved and taken care of (like reindeers). Also, you don’t care for clothes or material things (remember Santa’s clothes!). You don’t really care for money. Most probably you settled for an undemanding job where you earn low salary but you never have to work overtime. You usually spend your free time in charities of all sorts helping other people. You love people and care for them so much that sometimes you will go into debt just to buy a present for someone you love and then repay it for few years.

People love you and you are always invited to all the parties.


People might take advantage of you and you might find yourself all alone and poor in the North Pole if you are not careful.

Modesty is a virtue but take care of yourself first. Start caring for yourself. Nobody will take care of you when you will be sick and old. People can be quite selfish and you must learn to get something in return. Plate of cookie and glass of milk is sometimes just not enough. Don’t let people use you for your kindness. People who are really your friends will never allow you to feel used. If you just give without thinking, one day you will find that you have given everybody presents and nobody thought of you. Learn to assert yourself, in financial matters as well as in relationships.

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