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Tips for Living Frugally

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1. Buy small apartment. Space in which you live should be well equipped, in the preferred location, but does not have to be large – it is much more important to have a well organized space than a lot of useless square meters.
2. Buy a thrifty car that spends gas frugally. When buying a car make sure to check how much gas it spends, how much it’s maintenance costs, and if you have the opportunity buy a good used car instead of a brand new car.
3. Give up expensive vices. Alcohol, smoking, betting – if you have some of those vices look for help and money you’ll save spend on things that you love, if nothing else rather give something pretty to people you love.
4. Spend less time in stores. If you reduce the time that you spend in stores, you will spend less money.
5. Walk more. Walking has several advantages – it is both healthy and free. The only thing you need is to schedule some free time for a walk. If you can get to work in half an hour, go early to work and save on the travel cost. While walking to work make a good use of this time and think about the work schedule for that day. You will arrive to work in no time.
6. Plan spending for at least a month in advance. At the beginning of the month make a detailed spending plan. Leave a certain amount of money you may spend for emergencies, and leave a portion of money in order to be rewarded if you keep your spending within the predefined limit.
7. Sell or give away things that do not use. Things in the wardrobe and in your life that you no longer use should not be kept but given away or sold if possible. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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