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Written By: admin on June 28, 2009 No Comment

The year has passed by and it is time for another vacation. Money is tight and you can’t fund a great vacation that you would like. If you follow our guide maybe you can have a cheap but great vacation !
First of all, make a plan. Decide how much money you can spend and then proceed with your planning. In order to not go over budget, assign a sum for unpredicted expenses so that there is an extra buffer for any eventuality.

* check last minute sites, where you can find great bargains
* sign up for loyalty and discount programs from both hotels and airlines
* research the type of accommodation that you will be receiving so that there are no surprises upon arrival (like one toilet per floor)
* maintain flexibility so that you can save on airfare and hotel prices – more flexibility can result in lower costs
* don’t be a slave to other people’s expectations, go to places that you love and not to places that you think you should love
* travel with your friends to decrease traveling costs – groups often get discounts

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