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Stress and Money

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For many of us stress is unfortunately the one thing that we are trying to conquer and avoid daily. When it comes to finances, stress will often be involved. If you have plenty of money you have to invest it, and the stress arises from the changes in your portfolio. If you don’t have enough money for a normal life, stress is involved in managing to pay bills at time or at all. You can also be under stress when it comes to your job, your kids.. There are so many expectations and so little time and money to handle it all. When it comes to minimizing stress in your life there are several golden rules:
1. Make sure that you don’t spend too much money
For each and every one the amount of money that we can afford to spend is different. Make your own plan, make sure that it is realistic and that you can handle it and follow your plan. Check your finances regularly, write down all your costs and make sure that you know your financial position daily. The worst surprises can come from ignoring problems. If you use your credit card for 30 days, treating yourself to every nice thing that you can find, you will be in a big shock when your credit card bill is due. Organize yourself and make it a part of your daily routine to write down what you spent that day.
2. Talk about money
Money is something that should be discussed in the family. If you have a fashion conscious teenager that just won’t stop buying expensive things, you should talk to him and explain why money should not be wasted, and why it would be better for his future to start saving and investing so that he can have a solid foundation for the future. On the other hand, if you just give him money that you don’t really have you will end up in trouble and under more stress than you can imagine. Members of your family, whether they are children or your parents, should be responsible with the money and only spend money that they can afford. Usually, each family has one member that is in charge of money and if you’re that person, you will be in a big trouble when the time gets tough if you don’t share with your family members and if you don’t get them in order.
3. Be prepared to downgrade your lifestyle if necessary
When you get in a situation that you already have too much debt and it is impossible to pay your bills, the stress is enormous. It can have serious effects on your health and it is very dangerous for you. No matter how difficult your problems are, you must remember that there is always a way out. If you have to give up a shiny new car that you love so much, or if you have to sell your house and rent a flat, or even if you have to declare bankruptcy – do it! In the absence of other solutions, do it as soon as possible and downgrade your lifestyle for now, take time to recover and then start saving so that you can start building again. Don’t cherish your material possessions until the point of self destruction. Find your inner peace and happiness, and for that you don’t need money.
4. Seek help
The worst scenario for you is to think that you are alone in your troubles, but the truth is that you’re not. Seek help from family members, friends, doctors, various organizations, from everybody that you can think of. Somebody will come to your rescue, maybe they won’t help you with money but with great advice that will help you see your situation in new light. Don’t think that you are alone and that you have to handle it by yourself.

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