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Small Savings Add Up Big

Written By: admin on May 21, 2009 No Comment

Saving pennies can add up to millions in savings over a period of time. If you start very young, small savings will make for a fortune by the time you are about to retire. Here are some directions:
1. If you are still smoking, give it up
Smoking is a known health threat. Besides that, it costs money and it can add up to a significant sum of money over a longer period of time. Calculate how much you spend on cigarettes and after you quit, start putting that money in your savings account instead.
2. Don’t spend fortunes on interest
Be careful with your debt, especially with credit cards. Find out how much you paid in interest last year, and work your way out of debt in order to be able to save that money instead of spending it on interest.
3. Go green
Recycle, install a programmable thermostat, reuse everything that can be reused. Instead of wasting, programm your mindset to savings and you’ll be able to save money and help our planet.
4. Shop around for services
Take your time and study where you can find the best deal in all services and utilities. Don’t just settle and be lazy to change things. Be careful with small print and you can save a bundle.
5. First and last: Take your money under control
Keeping track of money is the basic tool. Make it a habit and you’ll start enjoying it!

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