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Separate Finances for Married Couples

Written By: admin on April 5, 2009 No Comment

In a large number of marriages money is one of the most common reasons for arguments. If you want to avoid them, one of the best ways is if the husband and wife have separate accounts in which other party has no insight.

First, it is necessary to assess a family budget, create a plan of revenues and expenses, and establish a family budget that you can take care of with the third, joint account.

However, the husband and wife should maintain one part of the budget in which the other side has no insight, and most important rules for the successful functioning of this are as follows:
– Do not ask your partner how he/she spends his/hers money
– Do not fuss about partners spending habits if you notice that their share of the money is being spent on something that to you seems needles, crazy or sensless…
– Good thing is that your partner can buy you a present for your birthday without you knowing how much the gift costs after the bank statement arrives

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