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Save while you’re Buying

Written By: admin on March 30, 2009 No Comment

When you go to the store, it is very easy to buy unnecessary things. It is difficult, on the other hand, to resist and not buy things that you would like to have, but might not need.

These are the tricks how to decrease spending in the store:

1. Always carry a list. It should contain only necessities for which you came to the store.
2. Don’t look at or hold in hands products that you don’t need. You will be more likely to make an impulse buy if you start thinking about the product.
3. Limit the amount of time you will spend in the store. The longer you stay in the store, the higher likelihood that you will buy something.
4. When you see something don’t think “I would love to have this”. Instead, think “I will save the money I could use to purchase this and use it later to buy something I really need.”
5. If you can’t control yourself and constantly spend more than you can afford there is only one solution – send somebody else to the store with the list and the money to do your shopping for you!

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