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Save on Clothes

Written By: admin on March 31, 2009 One Comment

Clothing expenses, especially in families with small children can be a significant item. As with all financial questions, it is important to make a plan related to clothing and stick to it. Some of the tricks follow:
1. Be open to new options
Don’t dismiss new opportunities too early. For instance, if you have a second hand shop available, visit the store and check if there you can buy quality items at lower prices. Use seasonal sales and don’t hesitate to ask your friends where they buy their clothes. Often you will be amazed when you find out that other people might reveal sensational deals to you, and all you have to do is ask them.
2. Buy quality
If you’re not rich enough to buy low quality, you should understand that it is better to have one clothing item which will last, then ten items that will be destroyed after few washing cycles. The hard part is how to buy high quality clothes at low prices, and buying cheaply clothes of low quality is not so difficult. Beautiful item of clothing that is of high quality can be used for few years, it is easy to combine it with other clothes and always looks nice. When you buy clothes, also you have to check whether it is sewn properly. Check the entire item and if you find a fault, don’t buy it.
3. You must always know how you will use clothes
When you’re buying clothes decide in advance for what you need it, how often you will wear it and is it worth giving more money for it or it would be better to buy something in lower price range. If your five year old daughter needs clothes for kindergarten, look for something cheaper, since she will grow out of it in few months, and it will also be prone to tears and stains. It is better to buy two shorts at lower price than just one at higher. Their destiny will be the same. Of course, if she needs a coat, buy something of higher quality so that it keeps her warm.
4. Swap clothes with your friends
Items that you no longer use, but are still in good condition can be exchanged with your friends (for instance clothes you no longer wear because you gained weight). This is very common with children’s clothing but extend it to your clothes and take the opportunity to make a party. Invite all your friends and you will all have some new clothes to wear after the party.
5. Learn what the common prices are
If you don’t know what is the common price for instance for coat, maybe you will be tricked into buying an expensive coat just because a merchant told you that it is on sale. Inform yourself and don’t buy impulsively. Black is not necessarily black and white is not necessarily always white.

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