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Save for your Children

Written By: admin on September 21, 2009 No Comment

For parents and for those that wish to become parents in the future…

When a child is born it is completely helpless and in need of your complete and utter help and care. When we think of our children’s needs we can all think of: food, shelter, education, health care, love… Unfortunately, only one of those things is readily available in all countries of the world without any money involved, and for all others you need some money.

Of all the responsible things that you can do for your children, saving the money and not being wasteful with your resources is perhaps the best thing that you can do.

How can saving money make you a better parent? It can provide your children with extra time that you will be able to spend with them, it can enable you to take better care of your health and it can bring sense of security to your child’s life.

1) Time

Always make time for your children. Don’t waste your time on things that are not important in the long run and bear in mind that your children are growing up so fast and that all the shared memories that you can provide to your children will be important to them, so make sure that there is plenty of happy memories for your child to remember. Saving money enables you to take better control of your life and to have more free time. So, if you live in an old but decent house and you are thinking whether you should buy a new house and work two jobs in order to repay it, don’t do it, since your child will be happy even in your old house. As a parent you should think more about your children than about impressing your friends.

2) Your Health

It is certain that your children’s health is important to you. But, by becoming a parent you have become important to your child and your child really needs you. There is no excuse for not watching after yourself. If you exercise unhealthy behaviour and don’t watch your health, you might deny your child the chance to grow up with you by his side. If you light up your cigarette, drive under influence or do some other potentially dangerous things, you should stop right now. Child without a parent is a very sad child and make sure you don’t make your child a sad human being. Your health will even be better in the long run if you are debt free and don’t have any money worries. Saving money brings you peace and enables you to take care of yourself. Also, almost every active way in which you can endanger your health costs some money (smoking, drinking) and we can almost conclude that doing good things for your health can help you save money!

3) Security

For a child security is one of the most important things. Children need routine, they need to know that tomorrow will be better than today and that there will be no surprises in their lives. Security is also having a warm home at winter, having all the things that their friends have, going to a good school, having necessary books… Your child has many needs and if you are able to meet them you will make your child feel secure and grow up to become confident human beings. No matter how much money you have, you should spend it to make your child feel secure and safe in the world, and not waste it on designer clothes or something else like that.

It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, you can be a great parent. Saving money is important because it removes stress from your life, allows you to make realistic plans for the future and bring security and calmness to your everyday routine. Money is not the most important thing in the world, but it makes all the important things a little easier and some of them are not possible without money.

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