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Peer Pressure

Written By: admin on October 6, 2009 No Comment

We are all prone to peer pressure. Usually, parents blame their children for succumbing to peer pressure since children are not very sophisticated about it. Your child will tell you that they you have to buy them new tennis shoes because all other children in class have it already.
It is hard to admit we all have a soft spot for peer pressure and with us adults it’s not so obvious and it is more difficult for us to recognize it as such. It is normal to compare ourselves and people that surround us for instance – if you see that all of your neighbors and friends have an LCD monitor while you still have and old monitor, many of us will go out and buy a new monitor even though the old one still works just fine and there is nothing wrong with it. And you can’t really afford it, but there is a credit card that you can use…
Being different and not doing what others are doing is sometimes not easy. It requires building a sense of self worth that is not dependant on other peoples’ opinions.
Everybody else is buying a new house in the middle of real estate boom. Why should you? The main question is whether you are happy with your current house and whether it meets your needs. If it does, that’s really the only important thing. Stick to your beliefs and don’t believe that just because everybody else is doing it is the right thing to do. Most probably it is not.
In the end you are the only person you should listen to and the only person that you can trust when it comes to buying decisions. If you end up in debt just because you wanted to do what everybody else was doing nobody will be there for you. Therefore, just stick to your opinions and don’t let other people lead you into financial decision with which you are not comfortable. And, most importantly, teach your children to do the same. Character building starts at an early age!

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