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For parents and for those that wish to become parents in the future…

When a child is born it is completely helpless and in need of your complete and utter help and care. When we think of our children’s needs we can all think of: food, shelter, education, health care, love… Unfortunately, only one […]

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People often wonder what is the best way to save. I have one suggestion which may sound simply stupid but it might just work. It worked for me.
Treat your monthly savings as if it were a loan you are repaying. As soon as you make that change in your mind, you can treat it as […]

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Summer was wonderful and even though you knew that it would be a good idea to start saving some money, you just couldn’t deny yourself this precious holiday. You spent a lot more money than you can afford and now you’re back home in your old ways. If you haven’t started already, it would be […]

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Grisbi is simple, easily learned and intuitive to use. At the same time, features are countless and you can easily create a budget or schedule future events relating to your finances. Default currency is EUR but it can be easily change and if you provide exchange rate it can adjust currency automatically. Multiple accounts and […]

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