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3. Make sure that isolation is good

New windows and doors are the best investment since they will keep heat inside and lower your heating bills. However, it might not be possible to change isolation on your old house of buy new windows, but there are still solutions. Use some of the cheaper methods and thus […]

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2. Don’t turn off the heating

It sounds like a good idea to turn off the heating while you’re not home, but beware that turning it on again when you come home will take up a lots of energy and end up costing you more than if you never turned it off.

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Heating costs are very significant during the winter. However, there is a plenty of simple things that you can do to minimize these costs and increase balance in your savings account:

1. Get a thermostat

You don’t want to be cold, but don’t make the second biggest mistake and overheat your home. It is not very […]

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Maybe none of the tales described the essence of the money spenders differences better than the Aesop’s the Ant and the Cricket. The Cricket was all carefree, sang throughout the summer and ended up poor and hungry in the winter while the Ant was dilligently working while being laughed at by the Cricket and in […]

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Alice in Wonderland


You are so confused with money. You never know what to buy, what not to buy, how to save. Money is just a big wonderland for you. You find yourself bombarded with discounts, savings and other money matters and it is so hard to decide how to handle money matters. Your banker is […]

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