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If you used Quicken before, but don’t want to pay for it anymore you can try GnuCash as a free alternative. GnuCash is of all free software available the one that has most similarities to Quicken (the most widely spread and used personal finance software, albeit not a free one).

GnuCash supports scheduling recurring transactions, it […]

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This freeware personal finance manager is ideal for tracking down your personal expenses and budgeting. This program also has a paid version, but this freeware version is the same except for possibility of multiple accounts management which is available only in paid version. With this software you can create your own reports according to categories […]

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Managing your household finances can be quite a strenuous task if you have to do it manually. Therefore it is advisable to use a software, and besides using some standard worksheet software like Excel you can also use software predesigned for personal finance management. Of course, in this economy it is always better to get […]

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Determination and focus is necessary if you want to change your lifestyle. And being frugal and thrifty is definitely a lifestyle. You have to realise all the good that will come in your life if you are able to establish your financial discipline and change the way that you live your life. Less stress, more […]

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Every good plan is a work in progress and has to be constantly reviewed. How often? As often as you feel necessary. Regular review of your yearly plan can happen every three months of half a year, but if a need arises it can be more frequent. For instance, if you lose your job and […]

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