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Life Philosophy of a Thrifty Person

Written By: admin on May 4, 2009 No Comment

What is the philosophy of someone that knows how to save money and is successful in being thrifty? It will help if you are able to:

1. Be realistic in your aspirations, but also aspire to be bold and strive for ambitious goals
2. Be modest and live within your means
3. Be your own idol and don’t think that just because everybody else is buying something you should follow
4. Be a role model for your children and make sound financial decisions that will enable them to have the best education that you can buy them
5. Be prepared to make some sacrifices
6. Be environmentally conscious and recycle
7. Be patient and prepared to wait for your needs to be met because instant gratification might be pleasant but it might lead to regrets later
8. Be self aware and able to enjoy your life regardless of the amount of money that you spend

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