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I don’t have Money

Written By: admin on April 13, 2009 No Comment

There is one common misconception. People often say that they don’t have enough money to save. This is in fact just an excuse, which if repeated often enough can become your truth and keep you from changing your life. If you’re in debt it is essential that you get out of debt as soon as possible in order to stop paying huge interests. But if you are out of debt, than there is nothing keeping you from saving. Start by a small amount, like a dollar every day. You maybe think that dollar a day is too small to bother with. But, if you think that by saving just a dollar a day you will have saved (without any interest!) 365 dollars in a year (which amounts to 1.825 dollars in 5 years or 6.570 dollars in 18 years) and then you can start to see how this can make a difference. Start small and make it a habit! If you manage to earn a decent interest on your savings it will quickly grow and you will be pleased with results.

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