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How to Say No

Written By: admin on May 6, 2009 No Comment

If you want to start living frugally and saving money on a daily basis, making it a routine and not just a one-off activity, it is necessary to be able to learn to say no to spending.
You must learn to say no to:

1. Yourself

First and foremost learn to deny yourself spending money that you don’t have, then you have to deny yourself making impulse purchases and making unplanned purchases

2. Your life partner

People that love you have to understand that money is a limited resource and that you work hard for your pay check. If they don’t really get it teach them that no means no and don’t let them manipulate you.

3. Your child

Children have to learn early that there is a correlation between planning and spending and that in order to buy something you have to have available resources. It will be the best thing that you can do for them if you can teach them that it is important to be patient and save money.

4. Your family and friends

Love is love but money is money. Learn how to separate them and you can count on many healthy relationships in your life. Money has destroyed many families and many friendships – saying no is perhaps for the best. Don’t be an enabler, learn how to help in other ways – teach them how to live frugally and how to take their life in their own hands.

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