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How to Save when you’re Moving

Written By: admin on March 31, 2009 No Comment

They say that to move three times equals going through a fire. With all other stress related to moving, there is also significant cost. If you would like to save, try this advice:
1. Before moving make sure that you organize everything and reduce things you want to move to only things that you will really need in the future.
Don’t move stuff that you don’t need and don’t use. Be critical and pragmatical, and put some serious thought in planning.
2. Sell excess furniture
Before moving decide how you want to furnish your new home, and sell excess furniture
3. Collect empty boxes
Ask employees in local store to save some boxes for you, which would end in garbage anyway and pack in these boxes. Also, you can use boxes that came with appliances. Plan ahead and collect boxes. Be creative and for instance you can use sheets to pack your clothes. Glass can be wrapped in towels and you can save some serious money with that.
4. Instead of hiring professionals, ask your friends for help
Even though it is easier to hire professionals, it is often very expensive. If you have to go with professionals, make sure you inquire around and find the most affordable option

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