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How to Save on Gifts?

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One of the most important rules connected to gifts is that you must never give away gifts that are too expensive and which might put the other person in an awkard position. It is just not polite. If you receive a gift that is clearly out of your price range, don’t feel obliged to give back a gift that is equally expensive.

1. Prepare a gift budget
At the beginning of the year make a plan for gifts to be given away during the year. As allways, it is important to plan, and with that in mind, make the list of birthdays, holidays and other anniversaries which will require a gift. Write down a list of people that will receive your gifts and to every name and anniversary assign an individual budget . Leave a line which will contain a small amount for going over the budget (for higher prices, some anniversaries you forgot and similar). Of course, this amount that is assigned for gifts has to be included in your income and expense plan which you have to follow. Don’t forget to watch how your budget is realised, and beside every person and anniversary write down the gift you gave and how much it cost. It is a very bad idea to repeat gifts, so the best method is to write them down for future references.

2. Buy gifts in advance when the opportunities arise
If you made a plan for gifts at the beginning of the year, you can take opportunity of buying them earlier and at sales. Keep them and when you will need them just take them out of the storage room.

3. Don’t find yourself stressed out over the gifts
If your financial situation is such that you just can’t afford gifts, let your friends and family know. Those that really love you won’t mind, and instead of expensive gifts you can go to dinner together or even better make the dinner yourself and spend some time together. Memories are made by spending time together and not by buying gifts.

4. Give away something you never used before
It is not exactly very polite, but sometimes it is acceptable to give somebody something you have if it is unused. It is of the utmost importance that you have to social intelligence and exercise some caution so that the gift is not given back to the person that gave it away in the first place. You always have to assume that the gift you received might be the regifted gift. Basic rules for regifting are:
– regift exclusively items in original packaging, and not open and used products
– never regift unique and manually produced products
– always rewrap a gift and check carefully that there is no personal note attached
– never let the person to whom you are regifting know that this is a gift you didn’t want, this would be very rude
– regift only items that will the person receiving the gift will really like
– if the product was bought few years ago in the store that is now out of business, or from the company that stopped producing such articles, don’t regift such an item because it would be very obvious

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