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How to Save on Food?

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Cost of food is one of the biggest expenses relating to those costs without which we can not live. However, in food you can achieve the greatest savings if you use
some simple tricks.
1. Always buy big packages – The larger a package, the smaller the price per unit which guarantees savings.
2. Shop at the sales – items purchased on the sales have a reduced price and can bring serious savings. Don’t run into a classic trap and buy items that you will not be able to use due to the limitations of the expiration date and your spending dynamics. For instance, if you need 10 eggs in one month, don’t go and buy 20 eggs, just because you get 2 for 1. Most probably you will have to throw away some eggs.
3. Cook – buying pre prepared food looks tempting, and certainly in some situations has its advantages if you’re struggling to find some free time. But, the rule is that the food prepared from scratch is delicious and cheaper than any other food. Invest in a good cookbook.
4. Freeze food – for example, when you make a delicious meal and there is an excess amount of food which you will not be able to consume right away, freeze it and some other day when you will need a quick lunch, just take them out and enjoy!
5. Don’t throw food away – plan for food quantities in advance and buy accordingly, take to the office remaining food from the previous day, watch the best before date and try to use the food in time, don’t make an impulse purchase just before something you don’t need is cheap – buy because you need it!
6. If you dine in a restaurant, ask for a doggy bag – you paid for it and you are entitled to it!

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