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How to Save Gasoline?

Written By: admin on May 17, 2009 No Comment

There are a lot of ways to save gas, and here we will mention some of them:
1. Regularly maintain your car, change oil and filters. A regularly serviced car will spend less fuel and will last longer.
2. Make a plan and try to do more things in one run. This way, with a little planning, you can save gasoline and time.
3. Agree with colleagues who live near you to carpool to work together. Or if it is not an option, then consider using public transportation.
4. Low pressure in tires results in greater consumption of gasoline. You can check the tire pressure for free on almost all gas stations. Recommended tire pressure for your car can be found in the car manual or on the Internet.
5. Check that gas station you use has the best price for the very type of gasoline you use. Differences in prices can be significant.
6. When buying a new car, check what is the average consumption of gasoline for the model you’re buying.
7. Do not drive unnecessary stuff in a car in the redundant stuff. Unnecessary things (like bicycle you use few times a year) that drive in the car increase the consumption of gasoline.
8. Avoid rush hour. Wake up early and leave early for work and then leave work earlier than others or stay a little bit after everybody leaves. Your boss will be thrilled, and you’ll save a lot of gasoline.
9. Keep track of all the options with which you can get some discount on the gas stations
10. Drive sparingly!

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