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How do they make us spend more money?

Written By: admin on April 26, 2010 One Comment

It happened to all of us. We leave the house to go shopping and we are completely determined not to spend more than some reasonable amount. Scene two: we are coming back home with more stuff than we wanted and needed, and with a hole in our wallet. How stores make us spend more money?

We’ll try to get into how they do it in order to be able to escape the temptation. ¬†Sometimes it is not easy to spot these sneaky tactics if you don’t know about them. And don’t hold it against retailers because they are just trying to make money. But what we can do is learn about these tactics and be in charge of our spending. Here are some of the tactics, and if you recognised some more please leave a comment.


The music is an important factor in achieving that feel good factor that will drive you to spend more money. If you feel good and comfortable and hear music that you like you will spend more. Also, they take into account what their demographics are and customize the music choices accordingly. Sometimes they change the type of music playing depending on the time of the day, since different people shop at different time slots. The result is that the music that you are hearing suits your ears and helps you relax. Try resisting the music by listening to something very serious on your MP3 player, like an audio book about saving money or something else that can divert you in the right direction.

Huge carts

They are always located near the entrance so that you can grab it when you enter the store. It makes it more difficult to resist shopping since the big cart just invites you to fill it up. You might have intended to buy only a few items but walking around with the monster cart you are tempted to buy more and more and more… The easy solution to this temptation is ¬†– just don’t take the cart.

Expensive items sneak on us

Most people will turn right when they walk into the store. Retailers know that and therefore the most expensive items will be situated to the right. The solution is simple – just turn left and avoid buying the most expensive items.


Lights are designed to make all products look their best. Bear in mind that all articles are masterfully situated and that the light is such as it could never be at your home so that you can avoid the temptation.

These are just few basic tricks. In few days you can read about some more and in the meantime try to avoid these tricks in order to spend less money.

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    This is useful thanks it will be helpful.

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