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Frugal Wedding

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Wedding day is one of the happiest days of our lives. But, there are also many ways to cut down on wedding related expenses, so that you don’t end up with an enormous debt due to the lavish wedding. This debt could ruin first few years of your marriage.

Ask your friends to help with the wedding
Why would only bride, groom and bridesmaids be involved in the wedding organization? Ask all your friends to help you with wedding planning. People have various talents and abilities, so maybe you’ll discover that some of your friends:
– can sing and play beautifully (and maybe they’ll offer to play on your wedding),
– can make great cakes (and maybe they’ll offer to make cake for your wedding),
– can make flower arrangements (and maybe they’ll offer to make bouquet and centerpieces for the wedding),
– like to make photos and videos (and maybe they’ll offer to record an entire wedding),
– are great at organizing events (and maybe they’ll offer to organize an entire wedding),
– are capable in graphic design (and maybe they’ll offer to make invitations and thank you cards),
– can design great clothes (and maybe they’ll offer to help with the dress)…
Of course, it is very important not to use your friends. If they will take over one important aspect of the wedding, let them know that you don’t expect their present, since they will give you a present of time and skill which they will devote your wedding.

Guest list criteria
It is important to set a firm criteria for the wedding guest list. Wedding is the most important day in our lives and you should celebrate it with people that are important to you. Before you start creating guest list, you should set criteria who you want at your wedding and stick with that criteria. If you want, you can say that you don’t want to invite nobody that you didn’t have contact with in the last year, or five years. Or you can say that you will invite only family, and not friends. Also, you can set the bar for friends to invite and say that you don’t want to invite friends who you have met for the first time in less than ten years. Whichever the criteria, you have to be firm and follow it to the letter. If you didn’t invite somebody to the wedding, it doesn’t mean that you can’t share your happiness with these people. Weddings are expensive and nobody that really loves you won’t be mad at you for not inviting them. Make that up to those people by doing something nice for them. For instance, you can send them your wedding film on DVD so that they can participate in your happiest day.

Money or time
When you organize a wedding, there are two options. You can either spend money or time. Time that you spend organizing the wedding will certainly decrease the associated costs. If bride and groom have a little free time to spare and they are not able to organize and plan their wedding, it is necessary to delegate responsibility to another person. This person has to be available for few months before the wedding and able to invest lot of time in wedding preparation. The worst thing that you can do is to expect for everything to just fall in its place, because if you do you’re up for big trouble.

You have to plan in advance, make the list of necessary activities and assign a responsible person/people to each activity. For each activity there should be a clear deadline, and cost assigned. At the beginning of wedding planning you have to come up with a clear budget. Of course, you have to constantly think about possible savings and make adjustments as you go along.

Expenses are all yours
It is very important to start planning a wedding with healthy assumptions. If you will make a plan for the wedding and include in it how much money you could receive from your guests, it is not a good idea. It is important to understand that wedding costs are your problem, and yours alone. Wedding is not an opportunity to grab some savings from each retired aunt, but an opportunity to share the most beautiful day in your life with people that love you. When you plan your wedding and figure out how to cover associated costs, don’t count on presents from your guests, but only include your parents (if you are lucky enough to have parents that are willing to participate). This way you can put all your presents that you will receive from guests in your first joint savings account and start saving for your future. Lavish wedding is nice but security is even nicer.

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