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You found out that you are pregnant, and although you are happy and excited, there are financial issues. How to save money during pregnancy and after delivery, in order to survive on smaller income?
1. Maternity clothes
Maybe you like beautiful maternity clothes in specialized boutiques, but why spend a fortune on clothes you will wear just for a few months. Ask your friends do they have old clothes to lend it to you. If you don’t succeed, ask friends who are a bit heavier than you if they have some clothes to spare. There are always second hand shops!
2. Organize a baby shower
Invite your friends and family and with presents you will get plenty of useful advice.
3. Ask your friends for advice
When in dilemma ask your friends and you will be amazed at the wealth of knowledge you can tap on.
4. Borrow everything
Baby stuff can be borrowed often. Lots of clothes will be worn only a few times and it will become too small. Connect with other mothers and maintain a sharing system.

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