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Frugal Dog Owner

Written By: admin on March 31, 2009 3 Comments

If you have a dog, make sure you know all about the high costs associated with dogs so that you can plan accordingly. Some of the ways to reduce these costs are as follows:
1. Do not use canned and expensive food for dogs – dry food is nourishing, and cheaper. You must pay attention to buy food which contains proteins of animal origin listed as one of the first two components. Do not think that the most expensive food is necessarily the best. Quality food can be found in all price categories. If your dog is healthy and active, and his hair is great, you know that you are feeding him with appropriate food.
2. Regularly visit veterinarians and do not wait for your dog to develop serious health problems, but warn the veterinarian on any changes. Inform yourself about what is normal and what is not, so that you would know how to recognize different diseases in the dog. In elderly dogs (for smaller breeds after the eighth year, for larger breeds even earlier – it is best to consult with the vet), make sure that every six months you take him for a general health checkup.
3. To prevent health problems, it is necessary to take additional care for the health of your dog – ears must be cleaned regularly to prevent infections, teeth cleaned, protection against fleas and ticks applied, he has to be bathed, combed, eyes monitored, hair cut regularly…. If you are not sure what is on your list, consult your vet. Regular care will prolong the lifetime of your dog and his quality of life. If you want your dog to be well educated and pleasant member of the family make sure you practice obedience with him.
4. Dogs love toys and small pastries. With a little creativity and resourcefulness you can make a toy for your dog (take old socks and make his favorite ball, or give him an old bottle of water – without stopper), and you can even try baking delicious cakes that will be enjoyed (you can find many recipes on the Internet )
5. Once you have a dog, do not ever think that you can leave him to minimize your costs. It is your decision whether you will have the dog, but once you provide a home, you have to take care about him and give him everything he needs. And he does not need much, and what they most need is your love and attention! As in all things related to managing our household finances, you must make a planned and responsible decision when you buy a dog. Dogs are living creatures and they require our attention and love which they will provide in even larger quantities back to you, but they also have needs which have to be taken care of!

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    Roll with it…

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