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Five Thrifty Ideas

Written By: admin on March 30, 2010 No Comment

1. Invite friends to your home

Instead of eating out in the cafes and restaurants, invite your friends to your home, prepare a delicious dinner or just make some coffee, play the social game. It is both fun and thrifty!

2. Take advantage of sales and discounts

Make a note in your calendar of the sales period and save in order to prepare for sales and discounts so that you can maximize discounts and afford either products that you buy regularly but which you will purchase at the lower price or if you want something outside of your price range – buy something that you would not otherwise be able to afford at a price you can afford!

3. Special discounts

Make some effort check if there are some special discounts for products and services that you buy regularly, and use them. Also, if you have a subscription check if there are some ways to lower your subscription.

4. Join the nearest public library

In the libraries you have the opportunity to borrow books, music CDs, DVDs for the payment of minimum fee, also you can read magazines and newspapers. Find the nearest public library and join today.

5. Inform yourself

Information is key! Check on the Internet – research on how to save electricity, gas, petrol. Try to apply it in everyday life and watch how your costs decrease.

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