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Final type of spender

Written By: admin on October 21, 2009 No Comment

Maybe none of the tales described the essence of the money spenders differences better than the Aesop’s the Ant and the Cricket. The Cricket was all carefree, sang throughout the summer and ended up poor and hungry in the winter while the Ant was dilligently working while being laughed at by the Cricket and in the winter he was rewarded by security and abundance of assets. These two types comprise everything there is to know about money matters. They are two opposites of our relationship with the money and there is the Cricket and the Ant in all of us. It is important to keep the balance, to work and save but also to be able to have fun sometimes, because what is the point if you can’t have fun at all?

Have fun, but also never forget that there is winter coming, work dilligently toward securing your own future and when there is plenty of money in your pocket don’t forget to leave some for the bad times.

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