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Don’t Waste Money

Written By: admin on May 2, 2009 No Comment

Many of us are familiar with the concept of saving money, but the true path to saving money lies in absence of wasting money.

If you want to stop wasting your hard earned money you have to first stop wasting money on things:

… that you will never use
… that you don’t really need
… that you could easily do without
… that you might be able to borrow from somebody for a short period of time instead of own
… that are in excess of the quantity that you really need and will have to be thrown out before their expiry date
… that you buy only to impress other people
… that you simply can’t afford
… that you think you should own just because everybody else has them

You can amend this list by yourself. The most important thing is to always carefully think about your spending choices and spending habits. Think outside the box and make saving money your permanent job! And it is a job that pays well!

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