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Don’t be Gullible

Written By: admin on October 8, 2009 No Comment

Everybody wants to make money and every person wants a better deal. This is how the world works and it is the reason why many people will try to trick us into getting our money and will stop at nothing in order to succeed. Always be careful, don’t fall for get rich quick scams, sales that are not really sales, pyramid schemes and scams that are not invented yet.
If something is too good to be true, it usually isn’t true. When faced with a dreamy opportunity use your common sense. Research, read, use Internet to find out whether somebody else was the victim of the same scheme. Whenever I suspect legitimacy of a product or service, I search for the term +fraud or +scam. When I get search results I can immediately see whether there is something fishy or not.
People will always fall for scams and get defrauded but exercise some caution and you will be able to prevent that and learn from other people’s mistakes.

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