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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Written By: admin on May 8, 2009 No Comment

Most probably you asked yourself sometimes if money can buy happiness? There are several aspects of this thesis that must be evaluated in order to get it right.
First of all, suppose you only have to have enough money to meet your basic needs. If you think that having a lot more money would make you much happier, you are probably wrong. Suppose you win a lottery and all of a sudden you have one million at your disposal. What would you do?
– buy presents for people in your life
– buy things you always wanted
– buy things you never wanted but since you can afford them now you think that you must have them
and so it goes on.
But, will it really change who you are? Will it bring you love that you miss? Will it make you truly a happier person? I don’t think so. Money can make many things easier for you but it can’t bring you happiness, because happiness is not for sale.

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