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Become Thrifty offers you common sense advice with regard to managing your own finances, learning how to save money and improve your life with various tips and tricks used in real life by real people. Our articles are divided in several categories and you can visit each of the categories and learn something about managing your finances in a sound and successful way.

If you follow articles in category Advice it can lead you to rethink some of the concepts you thought you mastered and offer you a new way of seeing things and interacting with your finances. Try reading some of the select articles and see for yourself:

Big plans
Be bold, be brave and make big plans when it comes to saving money. It will pay off.
How to Teach your Child the Value of Money
It is easy to start young but first the parent has to be familiar with the concepts. Learn how to teach your child the value of money and make your child money savvy adult.
You are Your Best Investment
Invest in yourself and increase your own value.

In category Road to Financial stability you can find five step program to help you get started in order to finally become thrifty.

Second step: Plan
This step is of extreme importance because without planning you will not be able to follow through with your intentions, no matter how good they are.

In category Tips and Tricks you can find selected tips and tricks on how to save money in different life situations and have as much fun as possible while doing it. Here are some of the interesting articles in Tips and Tricks category:

Frugal Hygiene
Save money in hygiene department and still don’t deny yourself what you need
Save on Gift Wrapping
Giving presents is a wonderful activity but it has an accompanying costs of wrapping. This can be dealt with successfully.
Internet as a Saving Tool
Internet is a part of life today. However it can also be used to decrease your costs if you use it wisely.
How to Save on Food
Everybody has to buy food and food savings can have significant impact on your finances.
Frugal Wedding
If you are getting married you are probably overwhelmed with finances as well as other important details. Here you can find intelligent advice for you in order to make the wedding day memorable and save some money.

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