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Additional Ideas for Savings

Written By: admin on March 31, 2009 No Comment

Here you can find some additional ideas for savings:
1. If you throw away lot of expired food, think about buying conserved and freezed fruit and vegetables, UHT milk and in general products whose expiration date is longer. Of course, such products often lack in taste but be realistic. The food that you throw away is the most expensive food. If you really want to use only fresh fruit and vegetables and milk, go to store often and buy fresh food for few days, in quantities that you can use up by the expiration date.
2. Plan your meals in advance. Choose meals that can be prepared from few ingredients and which are fast and simple to prepare. Don’t forget to include your entire family and plan daily meals with them, taking into account what they want.
3. Recycle. You will do something good for the environment, but also you can earn some money.
4. Instead of flowers, grow spices. In that way, you can always have fresh spices, which are also very decorative.
5. Saving money is family activity. Make a date with your family every week to discuss savings. Maybe your children will surprise you with their creative and fresh ideas.

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