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October 2009

Written By: admin on October 14, 2009 No Comment

We tried to classify people in few spending types and the inspiration was in cartoon and other fictitious character. We will present these types in next few days. Maybe you will find it interesting, maybe you will find it annoying, maybe useful, but we hope it will be fun for you.

1. Santa type

If you are […]

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We forget sometimes that saving is related to many other things, not only to money. Young girl will tell her fiancĂ©e: I saved myself for you. Businessman will tell his wife: I’m saving time for our date. Somebody in danger will ask to be saved.

Save is really a magical word. It implies something good and […]

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Day in and day out we tell you that it is important to save but maybe you are one of those people that have rich parents and you think that you don’t need to save because one day you will inherit their money. Well, think twice! I believe that the right to inherit parent’s estate […]

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Everybody wants to make money and every person wants a better deal. This is how the world works and it is the reason why many people will try to trick us into getting our money and will stop at nothing in order to succeed. Always be careful, don’t fall for get rich quick scams, sales […]

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We are all prone to peer pressure. Usually, parents blame their children for succumbing to peer pressure since children are not very sophisticated about it. Your child will tell you that they you have to buy them new tennis shoes because all other children in class have it already.
It is hard to admit we all […]

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