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October 2009

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Alice in Wonderland


You are so confused with money. You never know what to buy, what not to buy, how to save. Money is just a big wonderland for you. You find yourself bombarded with discounts, savings and other money matters and it is so hard to decide how to handle money matters. Your banker is […]

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Peter Pan


You are so cool, you love everything out of the ordinary. Ordinary life is just not for you. Idealism is at the core of your belief system and you think that money is completely unimportant. Whenever you can you avoid a modern medicine. When you have a back ache, you visit chiropractor. Most probably […]

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Big Bad Wolf


You think that you are invincible, you jump at every opportunity to make money. No risk is too great for you and it is no stranger to you. You think that saving money is for losers and for those that don’t know how to invest and earn money. You can be deceptive and […]

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3. Scrooge type


Money saved is a king, and it must be saved at any price. You sacrifice everything that comes as an obstacle to savings, be it a friend or a family member. You never miss an opportunity to avoid expenses, and in time people start avoiding you because they know that they will always […]

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2. Cinderella type


You come from modest background and as a child you often felt deprived of luxuries that other children seemed to take for granted (by other children we mean Cinderella’s evil step sisters). Your parents loved you but there was someone in your family, maybe even one of your parents (remember evil stepmother?), […]

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