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October 2009

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Have a happy World Savings Day and even more than every other day strive to become thrifty!

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How do you entertain yourself? Maybe you subscribe to magazines, cable TV, buy video games?
It costs a lot of money and in the end these are all disposable things with no true value attached. There is a different way of life, one which costs less but gives you more.
1. Join the local library and borrow […]

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If you love exercising but can’t afford the gym, you should not give up. Use up your furniture as gym equipment, books as dumbbell, use your imagination and you can go far. You don’t need new clothes to go exercise in an overpaid gym where everybody will judge you anyway. Dedicate some specific time for […]

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Maybe you didn’t know, but you can wash many of your clothes in cold water just as well as in hot water. Almost 90 percent of the cost related to washing clothes is related to heating the water, so it is a wise idea to use hot water only for extremely dirty clothes. Also, it […]

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5. Let the sunshine in

Even during the winter, it is possible to use up some of the sun. Keep the blinds up while the sun is up and keep them down when the sun goes down. It will help and contribute to the lower heating costs.

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