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September 2009

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For many of us stress is unfortunately the one thing that we are trying to conquer and avoid daily. When it comes to finances, stress will often be involved. If you have plenty of money you have to invest it, and the stress arises from the changes in your portfolio. If you don’t have enough […]

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You can save money on groceries, and the best part is that savings can happen daily!
1. Check the price
Don’t fall for fake savings. If somebody advertises that something is cheaper and on sale, it is not necessarily so. When you need to buy something, research in advance on Internet to see whether there are any […]

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There are many ways in which you can make an influence on your child and help them to have a healthy relationship with money. In the world we live in it is important to understand money and to be able to handle it well so that we can have easier and stress free […]

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An impulse shopping is one of the biggest temptations for all of us. You don’t need it, maybe you don’t even really want it but when you see it you just have to have it no matter what. It’s quite bearable if it is a bag of chips or a yoghurt but if you […]

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For parents and for those that wish to become parents in the future…

When a child is born it is completely helpless and in need of your complete and utter help and care. When we think of our children’s needs we can all think of: food, shelter, education, health care, love… Unfortunately, only one […]

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