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May 2009

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There is one significant saving you can make with little effort – turn lights off when you don’t need them. During the day keep your blinds up and enjoy natural light and in the evening turn all lights off that you have no use of. When you leave the room, turn lights off and that’s […]

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There are no easy solutions when it comes to managing your finances. Easy solutions are very tempting but if there is no real effort they will fail miserably. Money managing is similar to marriage in a sense that you have to constantly try to improve it and care enough to do so, invest time in […]

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Saving pennies can add up to millions in savings over a period of time. If you start very young, small savings will make for a fortune by the time you are about to retire. Here are some directions:
1. If you are still smoking, give it up
Smoking is a known health threat. Besides that, it costs […]

Written By: admin on May 19, 2009 One Comment

Maybe you made some bad choices in the past and you are now facing huge debt, you have no safety net and you feel completely helpless when you think about your financial future. Don’t waste your time and take your future into your own hands. The most important thing is to be serious with your […]

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When we consider investing, we are rarely aware that the best investment is the investment in our knowledge and future. If you improve yourself you open new possibilities which can lead you to better earnings and open the door which might have been closed for the long time. These are some of the ways to […]

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