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April 2009

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Being money savvy is the desired goal for all of us. However, only the few are able to completely grasp the concept. It is very easy emerge as money stupid instead of money savvy!
How to recognise money savvy vs. money stupid?
If you’re money savvy you:
– plan for the future taking into account all relevant factors
The […]

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When you save money you can make a real difference in your life which can lead to a happier life. Essentially, there are two advantages to becoming thrifty and saving money:

1. Less stress
The more money you save the less financial difficulties can arise in your life. This will all lead to a greater quality of […]

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One of the most expensive components of any gift is usually gift wrapping. Here are few tips on how to make it affordable:

1. Always save gift wraps that you receive from other people, so that you can use them on future gifts
2. Be creative in use of uncommon gift wraps, such as newspaper comics which […]

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How to save when you’re buying home appliances?

1. Ask the merchant if they have scratched appliances, maybe you can negotiate a deal
2. Pay cash and negotiate lower price
3. Buy last year model
4. Ask if the show room appliance can be purchased at discount
5. Buy only those appliance that you really need with functions that you […]

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Today we bring you some ideas for savings on hygiene products:

Prepare your own hand washing soap
Take an old hand wash bottle and pour one tablespoon of liquid hand soap, fill the rest of the bottle with warm water (leave some space at the top). Screw on the lid and shake it.

Prepare your own mouthwash
Take half […]

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